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Spanish writing exercises by level

Practise your Spanish writing skills with our ever-growing collection of interactive Spanish writing exercises for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! If you're unsure about your current proficiency, try our test to get your Spanish level before diving into the exercises.

Spanish writing exercise with Answer

All writing exercises are made by our qualified native Spanish teachers to help you improve your writing skills and confidence.

Kwizbot will give you a series of prompts to translate to Spanish. He’ll show you where you make mistakes as you go along and will suggest related lessons for you.

Boost your Spanish writing skills by adding the lessons you find most interesting to your Notebook and practising them later.

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A1: Beginner Spanish writing exercises

  • A business meeting
    Noelia tells us about her business meeting.
  • A day out with my daughter
    Isabel plans to spend a delightful day out with her daughter.
  • A declaration of love
    Read this declaration of love from Enrique.
  • A hotel booking
    Borja is going to spend a week in Barcelona and tells us about the hotel that he is going to book.
  • A love story
    Marta and Andrew meet in a bar...
  • A march for rare diseases
    Diego is participating today in a charity march.
  • A mysterious invitation
    Guillermo tells us about a mysterious note he found inside his locker.
  • A new space suit
    Sergio is going to travel to the moon in a new space suit!
  • A perfect day in Granada
    Travel with Enrique to Granada.
  • A piece of cake, please
    Carolina loves celebrating her birthday in style with her favourite cake.
  • A purple tide
    Learn about the purple tide in Spain.
  • A royal dinner in Santo Domingo
    Indulge yourself with a royal dinner experience in Santo Domingo.
  • A sunny Christmas in the Southern Cone
    Humberto tells us about Christmas in Uruguay.
  • A ticket for Malaga, please!
    César wants to get a train ticket to travel to Malaga.
  • A trip to the Sierra de Atapuerca
    Pedro and Miguel are visiting Atapuerca tomorrow.
  • A very interactive lesson with Kwiziq
    Clara is using kwiziq for the first time and tells us about a lesson she is taking.
  • Alexis Sánchez: a famous soccer player
    Learn about Alexis Sánchez, a famous soccer player.
  • Almendra market
    Experience the charm of Vitoria's medieval market.
  • Amelia Valcárcel: a famous Spanish philosopher
    Learn about Amelia Valcárcel, a famous Spanish philosopher.
  • An ergonomic steering wheel
    Discover Sofia's revolutionary ergonomic steering wheel for the ultimate driving experience!
  • An exhibition by Frida Kahlo
    Marcos is going to a Frida Kahlo exhibition.
  • An exotic flower
    Learn about this Argentinian flower.
  • An original costume
    Lucía's mum tells us about her daughter's costume.
  • Ana's baby shower
    Some friends are planning Ana's baby shower.
  • Animal welfare
    Step into the realm of animal welfare, where compassion guides us to protect and care for our animal companions.
  • Arón Bitrán: a Chilean violinist
    Learn about Arón Bitrán, a famous Chilean violinist.
  • At El Corte Inglés
    Have you ever been to El Corte Ingles?
  • At the cocktail bar
    Raúl is having a refreshing cocktail in Majorca.
  • At the laundromat
    Álvaro shows us how a laundromat works.
  • At the nutritionist
    Sheila is at the nutritionist looking for a healthier lifestyle.
  • At the opera
    Ana plans to go to the opera tonight.
  • At the science lab
    Marta and Javier love spending time in the lab.
  • Bank of Spain
    Learn about Bank of Spain.
  • Be quiet!
    Immerse yourself in the enchanting silence of a northern Spanish procession.
  • Benefits of sport
    Mara tells us about exercising at the gym and its benefits.
  • Blanca Paloma: Spanish candidate 2023
    Meet Blanca Paloma, Spain's candidate for Eurovision 2023.
  • Booking a table in a restaurant
    Learn how to book a table in a Spanish restaurant.
  • Breakfast at home
    Raúl loves having a healthy breakfast at home every morning.
  • Buenos Aires International Book Fair
    Learn about this cultural event in Buenos Aires.
  • Calva: a traditional Spanish game
    Learn about calva, a traditional Spanish game.
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
    Julio is in Rio de Janeiro to visit its famous carnival.
  • Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
    John would like to visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Celebrating a new year
    Juan tells us his plans for New Year's Eve.
  • Chocolate and roses
    Patricia describes us the most common presents for Saint Valentine's Day.
  • Cibeles: a monument in Madrid
    Learn about Cibeles, a famous monument in Madrid.
  • Climate change
    Patricia doesn't feel happy at all about climate change.
  • Coco: a lovely poodle
    Meet Coco, a lovely poodle.
  • Colombian coffee
    There is always a nice cup of Colombian coffee at Carlos Alberto's house!
  • Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires
    Pedro tells us about a famous theatre building in Buenos Aires.
  • Cuban rum
    Patricia tells us about her favourite Cuban drink.

A2: Lower Intermediate Spanish writing exercises

  • A Christmas cocktail
    Celebrate the season in style with our special cocktail.
  • A Spanish course in Bogota
    Patrick tells us about his Spanish course in Colombia.
  • A creepy recipe for this Halloween
    Enjoy a terrifying Halloween recipe!
  • A cruise to Puerto Rico
    Manuel feels excited about his next cruise trip to Puerto Rico.
  • A day in Las Burgas
    Borja tells us about a relaxing day in Las Burgas.
  • A day out at the park
    Pedro and Rosa are gearing up for a park day tomorrow.
  • A day outside
    Julián tells us about his amazing weekend.
  • A different look
    Carmela went to the beauty salon and tells us about her experience.
  • A documentary about the Sun
    Javier watched a documentary about the Sun last night.
  • A ghost tour
    David has booked a ghost tour for Halloween night in Madrid.
  • A handmade gift
    Discover Juan's artistic touch in every detail of this special handmade gift.
  • A horrible campsite
    María describes us her unpleasant experience at a campsite.
  • A horror film
    Marta watched a terrifying film yesterday.
  • A job interview
    Ainhoa is ready to do her first job interview.
  • A letter to Melchior
    Alberto wrote a letter to Melchior, his favourite wise man.
  • A luxurious day in Marbella
    Aurelia tells us about her luxurious visit to a friend in Marbella.
  • A memory-based challenge
    Embark on an enchanting journey with Julia through the enigmatic labyrinth of memories.
  • A mountaineering adventure in Jalisco
    While mountaineering El Diente in Jalisco, Julio faced tough trails and reveled in the breathtaking summit views.
  • A movie marathon
    Carlos plans to have a movie marathon this weekend at home.
  • A postcard from Madrid
    Raquel received a postcard from her best friend.
  • A story of personal triumph
    Pedro tells us his story of personal improvement after being in an accident.
  • A stunning car in the newspaper
    Discover Antonio's latest passion.
  • A superbike event
    Two friends have been to a superbike event.
  • A surprise party
    Raquel doesn't know where her family is today.
  • A tour of Buenos Aires
    Manuel tells us about his visit to Buenos Aires.
  • A very healthy barbecue
    Discover Pedro and Maribel's recipes for their barbecue.
  • A very noisy neighbour
    Sara has to deal with a really noisy neighbour living downstairs.
  • A wedding in Las Vegas
    Discover what a wedding in Las Vegas means!
  • A weekend in Sierra Nevada
    Mercedes tells us about her weekend in Sierra Nevada in the south of Spain.
  • Acid rain
    Learn about some interesting facts about the acid rain.
  • Aid to emancipate myself
    Miguel tells us about his struggle to pay rent.
  • Ainhoa Arteta: a Spanish soprano
    Learn about Ainhoa Arteta, a famous Spanish soprano.
  • Aire fresco: an Argentinian film
    Learn about the Argentinian movie that Rodrigo saw yesterday.
  • An afternoon in Caracas
    María Elena spent an exciting afternoon with her friend Gabriela in Caracas.
  • An aromatherapy session
    Discover what an aromatherapy session is like!
  • An interview with Juanes
    Learn about Juanes' music with this interview.
  • An unusual taxi ride
    Juan tells us about his strange experience in a taxi. In this exercise you'll practise El Pretérito Imperfecto and El Pretérito Indefinido.
  • Aragonese jota
    Pilar tells us about her local dance, the Aragonese jota.
  • Argentina's journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle
    Argentina is striving for zero waste, prioritizing reduction, reuse, and recycling for a sustainable future.
  • Arguiñano and his set menu
    Minerva loves Zarauz and Arguiñano's restaurant.
  • Armed Forces
    Learn about The Spanish Armed Forces
  • Art therapy in Spain
    Learn about some art therapy exercises.
  • At Cartagena beach
    Juan went to the beach with some of his friends yesterday.
  • At a barbecue
    Grill and chill at Sandra and her friends' barbecues.
  • At a karate competition
    Gabriel just participated in a karate competition.
  • At our deli shop
    Are you looking for something different to eat? If so, visit Leila's deli.
  • At the circus
    Irene tells us about a circus afternoon with her son.
  • At the dry cleaner's
    Raquel just left the dry cleaners with a lovely just-ironed shirt.
  • At the florist
    Marta is at the florist to buy her sister some flowers.
  • At the office gym
    Do you have a gym in your office?

B1: Intermediate Spanish writing exercises

  • 5G network
    Learn about the 5G network.
  • 6th of January
    Eduardo is thinking about the 6th of January in order to get his Christmas presents.
  • A Christmas jumper
    Marcos must wear a Christmas jumper (US: sweater) for a party, but he is not very excited about it.
  • A Halloween wish
    Daniela tells us about her special Halloween wish.
  • A Mediterranean breakfast
    This food company has prepared a magnificent Mediterranean breakfast for you to start your day!
  • A Tinder date
    Learn about Tomás's Tinder date.
  • A bumpy flight
    Rosa tells us about her bumpy flight to Costa Rica.
  • A day among dolphins
    Marisa tells us about her mother's passion: dolphins.
  • A family lunch on Easter Sunday
    Javier tells us about what lunch on Easter Sunday is like for his family.
  • A gala evening
    Sara has received an invitation for a special event.
  • A human anatomy class
    Dive into the marvels of the human body in our anatomy class!
  • A jungle trip
    Andrea tells us about her ideal holiday.
  • A luxurious stay in Madrid
    Stay in a top luxurious hotel in Madrid!
  • A magic show in hospital
    Alberto is starting a new job next week in a hospital.
  • A night hike
    Experience the thrill of a night hike with María and Alberto.
  • A photo of our grandparents
    Two brothers show us a heartwarming snapshot of their cherished grandparents.
  • A roadside breakdown
    Juan's roadside breakdown transformed his routine drive into an unexpected adventure.
  • A romantic dinner
    Sergio and Tania have a romantic dinner.
  • A second chance
    Manuela is asking Mateo to give their relationship a second chance.
  • A trip to Majorca
    Discover the beautiful city of Majorca.
  • A video game night
    Learn about the benefits of playing with video games.
  • A weekend in the Pyrenees
    Last weekend, Samuel and his friends ventured out of the city to seek adventure in the magnificent Pyrenees.
  • A wonderful gardener
    Learn about Pedro, a high-skilled gardener.
  • Acupuncture
    Learn about acupuncture in Spanish.
  • Adventures with friends
    Raquel loves spending time with her friends and going on trips with them.
  • All Saints' Day
    Learn about how All Saints' Day is celebrated in Spain.
  • As bestas by Rodrigo Sorogoyen
    Discover As bestas, a Spanish thriller by the film director Rodrigo Sorogoyen.
  • At Carlos Baute's concert
    María Fernanda went to a Carlos Baute's concert, a famous Venezuelan singer.
  • At summer camp
    Maribel feels very excited about working as a group leader at a summer camp.
  • At the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
    Ester plans to start the New Year at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.
  • At the butcher's
    Learn how to order some meat at the butcher's.
  • At the gym
    Samuel wants to lose some weight and keep healthy.
  • At the local gym
    Pedro tells us about his workout at the local gym.
  • At the market
    Join us at the market for a delightful shopping experience.
  • At the pediatrician
    Lucia's baby is not feeling well and she is at the pediatrician to get some advice.
  • At the street market
    Learn about the most famous street market in Madrid.
  • At the tourist office
    Mónica and Ángel are at the tourist office to get some information for their day trip to San Jose.
  • At the vet
    Rodrigo takes Max to the vet as he is not feeling well.
  • B-Travel Barcelona: a tourism fair
    Learn about this interesting tourism fair in Barcelona.
  • Baroque in Latin America
    Learn about the baroque in Latin America.
  • Bartering
    Interested in exchanging your stuff without using money?
  • Buena Vista Social Club: a Cuban band
    Learn about the Buena Vista Social Club, a famous Cuban band.
  • Buying a second home in Spain
    This couple feels very excited about buying a house in Spain for their retirement.
  • Captain Thunder
    Ramiro tells us about Captain Thunder.
  • Changing schools
    María is starting at a new school.
  • Cheap smart homes
    Learn about how to set up a cheap smart home.
  • Circuit of Jarama
    Learn about Rodrigo, a high-speed motorcyclist.
  • Classical music in Mexico
    Learn about classical music in Mexico.
  • Cleaning bots: revolutionizing household cleaning
    Transform your cleaning routine with revolutionary cleaning bots!
  • Climbing up and down stairs
    Explore the benefits for your health and well-being by climbing the stairs.

B2: Upper Intermediate Spanish writing exercises

  • 12 self-portraits by Pablo Picasso
    Learn about Pablo Picasso's self-portraits.
  • A Christmas surprise
    Daniela is wondering who wrote her an anonymous message.
  • A Christmas tale
    A forgotten Christmas gift sparks a heartwarming holiday story.
  • A big surprise!
    Adela tells us about an axciting surprise she got from her boyfriend.
  • A change of career
    Discover Vanessa's career plans.
  • A delayed train
    Ana is furious about the fact that her train is delayed.
  • A family of potters
    Get into the fascinating world of a family of master potters.
  • A gift woven with care
    Clara's skilled hands knit more than just a sweater.
  • A homemade costume
    Amalia plans to make her own costume for carnival.
  • A letter to Santa
    Read this letter from my nephew.
  • A letter to my love
    Sandra wrote a romantic letter to her love.
  • A lost Nazarene
    Rodrigo got lost during a celebration!
  • A magic piano
    Learn about Pablo Alborán and his excellent piano skills.
  • A message from the Three Wise Men
    Lucas is enchanted by a celestial message from the Three Wise Men.
  • A saeta
    Jaime tells us about his experience in Seville during Easter celebrations.
  • A snow storm
    Have you ever experienced a big snow storm?
  • A special lunch
    Arancha enjoyed a special lunch today.
  • A tourist in my own city
    Marta tells us about the pleasure of being in an empty city during the summer.
  • A true friendship
    What does a true friendship look like?
  • A very nosy parrot
    Meet Beru the parrot. It's hard to have a secret conversation with him around!
  • A walk along the Guayas river
    Have a fun learning jorney with this tourist leaflet about the Guayas river in Ecuador.
  • A weekend without new technology
    Carlos' mum was concerned about his health and recommended him to spend a weekend away.
  • An afternoon around the fire
    What do you think of a warm afternoon around the fire?
  • An appointment with the ENT specialist
    Carlos got an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get a treatment for his anosmia.
  • An inspiring extreme sports story
    Unleash your adrenaline with an inspiring story of extreme sports triumph.
  • An oasis in the middle of the desert
    In the barren desert, a hidden oasis offers solace to weary travelers.
  • An online Carnival party
    Victoria is very excited about her upcoming online Carnival party.
  • An online shopping gift voucher
    Lorena feels very lucky today with her online shopping gift voucher.
  • An undercover investigation
    In the shadows of the drug underworld, an undercover investigation reveals the truth.
  • Apology letter to a client
    Learn how to write a formal letter of apology in Spanish.
  • Are you ready to adopt an animal?
    Find out if you are ready to adopt an animal.
  • Art therapy exercises
    Learn about some art therapy exercises.
  • At the hairdresser's
    Clara goes to the hairdresser to change her look.
  • Athleisure on social media
    Laura loves following social media athleisure accounts.
  • Basque Pottery Museum
    Have you ever been to the Basque Pottery Museum?
  • Be my Valentine!
    Miguel is declaring his love for Jimena in front of everyone!
  • Blanca Suárez: a Spanish actress
    Learn about the famous Spanish actress Blanca Suárez
  • Breakfast, the most important meal of the day
    Discover why breakfast is such an important meal for performing well at work.
  • Campervan trip
    Jesús and Mateo love their campervan and travelling around Spain
  • Campsite activities
    Get some fresh ideas for things to do when you go camping.
  • Casa Decor Madrid
    Adriana plans to attend an exclusive exhibition next year.
  • Casillero del Diablo
    Rosa and Enrique tell us about their experience with this Chilean wine.
  • Changing my wardrobe
    María plans to change the clothes in her closet for the new season.
  • Chupachups: the Spanish lollipop
    Did you know that these lollipops were a Spanish invention?
  • Colombia in the world
    Why is Colombia a great place to visit?
  • Couchsurfing in Spain
    Learn about Couchsurfing, a service that connects a global community of travelers.
  • DIY
    Do some DIY with Marta!
  • Dancing an aurresku
    Learn about the aurresku, a famous dance from the Basque Country.
  • Dominican style salted cod
    Savor the Dominican touch with our Dominican style salted cod.
  • Dream trips
    Have you ever experienced a dream trip?

C1: Advanced Spanish writing exercises

  • 2021: the Year of the Ox
    Learn about the new Chinese year for 2021.
  • A TikTok dance challenge
    Celia's dance got popular in TikTok.
  • A coffee shop for cats
    Discover this unusual coffee shop where cats are the stars!
  • A film review
    Antonio makes us a review of a movie.
  • A handyman at home
    Transform your living space with the expert touch of our skilled handyman services!
  • A rock 'n' roll grandmother
    Sandra tells us about her unconventional grandmother, Carmen.
  • A tornado
    A fierce tornado struck Mar Azul, turning its tranquil shores into a tempestuous battleground.
  • Alcoy and its textile industry
    Inés is telling her son Alberto about Alcoy's industry.
  • Antonio Gaudi's architecture
    Learn about Gaudí's architecture in Barcelona and practise relative pronouns and the passive voice.
  • Benefits of art therapy
    Have you ever heard about art therapy?
  • Bilbao Book Fair
    Ready to visit the Bilbao Book Fair?
  • Bungee Jumping
    Candela tells us about her first bungee jump.
  • Castile comes from 'castle'
    Learn about the etymological origin of the word 'Castile'.
  • Cataract surgery
    Cecilia tells us about her upcoming cataract surgery.
  • Centennial oak trees
    Shelter beneath the magnificent centennial oak trees.
  • Charity Kings Parade
    Are you a fan of The Three Wise Men?
  • Chinese horoscope
    Learn about the Chinese horoscope.
  • Climbing the Gorbea
    Learn about this hill in the north of Spain.
  • Cognitive inclusion at school
    Learn about this cognitive inclusion project.
  • Combat sports: sport or violence?
    Do you think that combat sports are violent? Look at what Pedro thinks about them.
  • Corruption
    Corruption in Spain is a serious problem that dates back centuries.
  • Council housing challenges
    Learn about the council housing situation in a Spanish city.
  • Eating in the heights of Barcelona
    Interested in getting a high-flying meal?
  • Elcano: sailing into history's horizon
    Join Elcano on a historic voyage, where the seas become a canvas for extraordinary tales.
  • Frozen
    Experience the magic of ice and adventure in 'Frozen'.
  • Handicrafts
    Discover what the traditional Honduran handicrafts are.
  • Hatless women
    Learn about the hatless women from the twenties.
  • History of Valencia FC
    Learn about Valencia FC's history.
  • History of ceramics in America
    Trace the evolution of American ceramics through the centuries.
  • How to become an au pair
    Are you looking for a host family to do some au pair work while improving a foreign language?
  • I'm going everywhere with my GPS!
    Pedro tells us about the GPS he just bought.
  • Ice on the moon?
    Is there or was there water on the Moon?
  • Improving the circulation of my veins
    Elisa has decided she needs to improve her circulation and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  • Intarsia
    Learn about intarsia, a very old traditional woodwork technique.
  • Is it cake?
    Learn about an amazing TV show on Netflix.
  • Jose Ortega y Gasset: a Spanish philosopher
    Learn about Ortega y Gasset and his philosophy.
  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Step into the world of 'Kitchen Nightmares', where culinary rescues and transformations unfold in each episode.
  • Last-minute travelling
    Marisa is tempted to travel last minute this summer.
  • Lost among cacti
    Lucía found herself adrift in a prickly sea of cacti.
  • Madeira Centro hotel
    Discover this beautiful hotel in Benidorm.
  • Marmitako to keep warm
    Blanca feels like cooking a hot tuna dish to warm herself up after a rainy day.
  • Mexicans in the USA
    Amelia is impressed by Mexican culture and cuisine in the USA.
  • Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
    Have you ever visited the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba?
  • My father's self-portrait
    Daniel had a lot of fun with his father's self-portrait.
  • My relationship with my parents
    Learn about Pablo's relationship with his parents.
  • Myths associated with Valentine's Day
    Discover some myths behind Valentine's Day.
  • On the moon
    Learn about Clara's adventure in an unknown place.
  • One day on the radio
    María is looking forward to participating in a radio session.
  • Our energy bill
    Samuel and his wife are not happy at all with their last electricity bill.
  • PISA report: Spain
    Carlos, headmaster of a Spanish school, shares his thoughts about the latest PISA report.

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