A weekend without new technology

"Un fin de semana sin nuevas tecnologías"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Carlos' mum was concerned about his health and recommended him to spend a weekend away.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to suggest", "to spend (time)", "to book (a room)", "to bother (to annoy)", "to look (to seem)" and "as soon as possible".

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My son Carlos was very stressed and I suggested to him that he spend a whole weekend disconnected from technological devices. He booked a weekend in a cottage and he took only one book to read. There was neither wifi, nor television, nor modern technology in that place. He spent two days immersed in the heart of nature without anyone bothering him sending him messages or calling him. When he returned to the city, his coworkers told him that he looked like a different person and that he should repeat the experience as soon as possible.

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