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I love Kwiziq. I don't think I’ve ever enjoyed learning as much. It’s just so much fun to reach new levels and rack up the diamonds. I can finally carry on a conversation in French without embarrassing myself!

— Walter Barquist

What you'll get…

Perfect pairing

The wonderful content you love from Lawless Spanish and the tailored lessons, exercises and kwizzes built with Kwiziq's award-winning language learning technology.

Find your level

Determine your Spanish level based on the CEFR Standard. You can choose your own level or let Kwizbot, your smart language coach, do it for you through a free detailed proficiency test.

Study plan

Once you've established your level, you can start following the personalized Study Plan we build for you. It will be filled with expert-created lessons that you can complement with engaging exercises and challenging kwizzes.

Immediate feedback

Every time you take a kwiz, Kwizbot will give you immediate feedback on your hits and misses, as well as update your interactive Brainmap so you can follow your progress and see what you need to work on next - it’s like having a teacher 24/7!

Q&A Forum

Take advantage of our moderated Spanish Q&A forum and get thorough answers from Kwiziq’s qualified native language teachers.