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Spanish listening exercises by level

Practise your Spanish listening comprehension with our ever-growing collection of interactive Spanish audio articles and listening challenges for every CEFR level from A0 to C1! If you're unsure about your current proficiency, try our test to get your Spanish level before diving into the exercises.

Spanish listening exercise 2 types

All listening exercises are made by our qualified native Spanish teachers to help you improve your listening comprehension and confidence.

We have 2 types of Spanish listening exercises:

  • interactive readers with Spanish audio and text, English translation and suggested Spanish lessons
  • dictation challenges with audio and writing practice

Boost your Spanish listening comprehension by adding the lessons you find most interesting to your Notebook and practising them later.

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A1: Beginner Spanish listening exercises

  • A bike tour through Tierra del Fuego
    Berta is excited about her spring bike tour.
  • A cup of water and a rose
    Fabilola is contemplating a stunning masterpiece by Zurbarán.
  • A luxury job
    Eliseo explains why his job is a luxury.
  • A mummy in the bathroom
    Angela caught her toddler doing something unusual in the bathroom to get ready for Halloween.
  • A pato tournament
    Leo describes this Argentinian sport.
  • A pollera
    Luz will wear a pollera to attend her best friend's wedding.
  • A surprise for my boyfriend
    On Valentine's Day I'm going to ask my boyfriend to move in with me.
  • AVE Madrid - Seville
    Eliseo is taking the high-speed AVE train to Seville.
  • Advantages of folding bikes
    Having a folding bike is very useful.
  • Alpaca
    Eva shows us the attributes of alpaca fabric
  • Aluminium cans
    Julia likes to recycle aluminium cans.
  • Andalusian breakfast
    Clara is enjoying a delicious Andalusian breakfast with a view of the Giralda tower.
  • Argentine silverware
    Itziar is learning about the silver tradition in Argentina.
  • Autumn clothes 
    Elisa has prepared her wardrobe to enjoy the outdoors this autumn.
  • Bananas
    Pedro talks about why the banana is important for the Honduran economy.
  • Barra
    Marilia describes her favourite beach.
  • Beauty
    Sergio is learning adjectives related to beauty.
  • Biodance
    Roberto describes biodance.
  • Birds
    Eva loves to look at the sky and watch the birds flying.
  • Boxing 
    Fernanda teaches boxing and she explains how combat sports are really beneficial.
  • Camel, boat or helicopter
    Miguel is watching a feature about the different means of transport that the Three Wise Men will use to distribute the presents in Spain.
  • Castilian garlic soup
    Discover what the ingredients you need to cook a tasty Castillian garlic soup.
  • Cayo Coco
    Hector describes Cayo Coco.
  • Chema Madoz
    Alma tells us about her favourite photographer.
  • Chess on my computer
    I'm playing chess against my computer!
  • Children are the future of the planet
    Susana explains how family and school can teach environmentally-friendly behaviour so that children can save the planet.
  • Children's superpowers
    Betina reveals that children have superpowers.
  • Chocolate
    Amador, owner of a chocolate shop in Quito, tells us that the best chocolate in the world is from Ecuador.
  • Chocolate with churros
    Araceli tells us about the hispanic tradition of chocolate con churros.
  • Christmas market
    Javi is at the busy Plaza Mayor Christmas market to buy figurines for his nativity and decorations for his Christmas tree.
  • Clay
    Alvaro is at his primary school crafting a handmade clay cereal bowl for his daily breakfast.
  • Climbing stairs to lose weight
    My new way of doing exercise: climbing the stairs everyday.
  • Daddy I love you 
    Gustavo wrote a rap to surprise his dad on Father's Day.
  • Dance partners 
    Eduardo has fallen in love with his dance partner.
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing
    Sol tells us why she loves dancing salsa.
  • Descent of the Sella 
    Alberto tells us about the great summer sport event "Descent of the Sella" in Asturias.
  • Digital advertising
    Alicia explains how digital platforms are the new channel for commercials and to target more customers.
  • Digital invitations 
    Caro talks about how easy, quick and cheap it is to design and send digital invitations for your events.
  • DormirDcine
    Paula is a film fanatic and has found the perfect hotel for her stay in Madrid.
  • Drawing a face 
    Today at school, Iris's teacher asked her students to draw a face.
  • E-sports 
    Gerardo explains what e-sports are.
  • Edurne Pasaban
    Andrea is passionate about mountaineering and tells us about her heroine Edurne Pasaban.
  • Eliminating toxins
    My book recommends some ways to eliminate toxins.
  • Emeralds 
    Fernando explains that Colombia produces the most emeralds for the global market.
  • Everyday pleasures 
    Gonzalo tells us some of his everyday pleasures.
  • Exercise routines with a chair 
    Juanjo explain how to work out at home with just a chair.
  • Fashion 
    Dory tells us about her fashion blog.
  • Finisterre
    Maite is walking the Camino de Santiago and today will arrive at Cape Finisterre which according to legend is the end of the world.
  • French toast, the Spanish Easter sweet
    Eduardo talks about the most popular Easter dessert in Spain.
  • General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, Venezuela.
    Petra talks about an important bridge in

A2: Lower Intermediate Spanish listening exercises

  • A firewoman and a female paramedic
    A firewoman and a female paramedic went to Julieta's school to give a talk to the students.
  • A fun week
    Adela tells us about all the fun things she did with her best friend this week.
  • A little house in Panama
    Laila has an American cousin who wants to retire in Panama.
  • A morning surprise 
    Bruno gave his boyfriend a morning surprise yesterday.
  • A red sock and a blue sock
    I wore mis-matching socks yesterday.
  • A self-sustaining farm
    Paloma talks about her family farm.
  • A very old tree in Chile
    There is an ancient tree in Chile that could be the oldest tree in the planet.
  • A wish for every grape
    Elisa is making a list of 12 wishes
  • ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration
    Francis invites us to explore the ABC Museum.
  • Accountant 
    Moises describes his job.
  • Agave fibres 
    Nestor talks about the arts and crafts made with the agave plant by the indigenous Xinka.
  • Alamillo Park in Sevilla
    I took my friends to the Alamillo Park in Sevilla.
  • Alice and the Wonderful Brain
    Estrella bought her daughter a fantastic book explaining how the brain works.
  • An afternoon with Roscón de Reyes
    Valentina tells us how she and her family traditionally spend the 6th of January.
  • An idea for carving your pumpkin
    Palmira has an idea for how to design the most creative Halloween pumpkin.
  • And you, why do you write? 
    Antonio is trying to find out why he wants to do writing therapy.
  • Anna Vives, a typeface designer
    Learn the inspiring story of a young female designer from Spain who has Down syndrome.
  • Architecture that heals
    Clara attended an architectural workshop to learn how to design hospitals that help in the healing process.
  • Argentinian Alfajores 
    Emilio speaks about the origin of the "alfajor" and tells us which one is his favourite.
  • Armando Barrios
    Dario owns a masterpiece by Armando Barrios, the famous cubist Venezuelan artist.
  • Averroes
    Loli talks about one of the most famous medieval hispano-arabic philosophers.
  • Basque Railway Museum 
    Héctor has taken his students to visit the Basque Railway Museum.
  • Be simple 
    Ernesto has decided changing his life will make him happier.
  • Beatriz Galindo
    Brigido introduces the historical character of Beatriz Galindo.
  • Become an influencer
    Inés owns an influencer agency. Discover how this work!
  • Belle Époque
    Catalina tells us about the film "Belle Époque" that her cousin recommended.
  • Belén Hostalet
    Valeria introduces us an Spanish athleisure designer and influencer.
  • Benefits of mindfulness
    Marina tells us why she practises mindfulness.
  • Cadiwoman
    Cadiwoman use the chirigotas to fight for feminist rights.
  • Carbonell olive oil
    Paco talks to us about the world's best-selling olive oil brand.
  • Chicamocha by cable car
    Alba tell us about her adventure taking the cable car in Chicamocha.
  • Chirigotas
    Estrella explains what a "chirigota" is.
  • Christmas Eve
    Alicia tells us about her special Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas salad 
    Federico tells us about a typical Spanish salad for Christmas time.
  • Coaching benefits 
    Darío shows us the benefits of coaching in daily life.
  • Coal
    Estrella describes how she received a sweet surprise on her 5th Epiphany.
  • Coca Castle
    Constanza shares her impressions about the spectacular Coca Castle.
  • Colourful neighborhoods
    Rafael tells us about his cousin's a tour of colourful Spanish neighbourhoods.
  • Colón
    Carmen talks us about the Costa Rican currency.
  • Couples' tattoos 
    Sandra and her boyfriend made a romantic gesture to unite them forever, by each getting a tattoo of half a heart on their arms.
  • Coworking in a coffee shop
    Samuel is trying to convince his colleague that instead of going to the office they should work from a new coffee shop.
  • Creative writing course
    I'm signing up for a creative writing course.
  • Cristóbal Balenciaga
    Last month Luis visited the exhibition of Cristobal Balenciaga, the famous Spanish fashion designer, at the V&A Museum in London.
  • Curanto
    Jorge explains an ancient Chilean way of cooking.
  • Cándido's roasted piglet
    Joaquin tells us about his lunch at Cándido's Restaurant.
  • Daddy tell me a story
    Lucía remembers her childhood when her father told her bedtime stories.
  • Day of the Creole song 
    Eloisa explains how in Peru there is a celebration that's more important than Halloween on the 31st of October.
  • Do you have emotional intelligence?
    Agustín discovers emotional intelligence.
  • Educational Museum of Origami in Zaragoza 
    Cesar talks about his wonderful visit to an origami museum.
  • Efecto pasillo
    Vera was having a bad day till the happy music of her favourite Spanish band brought some colour back into her life.

B1: Intermediate Spanish listening exercises

  • Baby squid in its ink
    Sergio tells us how to cook one of his favourite dishes.
  • 40 books to read before 40 
    Tomas accepted the challenge of reading a selection of 40 books before turning 40.
  • 8 foods that are good for your brain
    Pedro gives advise about what to eat to have a healthy brain.
  • A day at the zoo
    Palmira is excited about her upcoming visit to Cali zoo.
  • A detox summer 
    Vicente has planned a summer retreat at home to boots his energy levels.
  • A night under the stars
    Estrella will take her kids to the countryside to spend the night under the stars and teach them about constellations.
  • A postcard every day 
    Ester cannot wait to check her mailbox.
  • A topiary garden 
    Dani is looking forward to visiting the Tulcán cementery topiary gardens.
  • Advice for teachers 
    Marisa has some teacher's tips for a successful year.
  • Al Andalus train
    Ada is excited to board the luxury Al Andalus train with her girlfriend.
  • Almagro International Classical Theater Festival
    Sol works for the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, and will be on a radio show tomorrow to promote it.
  • Alpha generation problems 
    Inés is worried about the challenges her daughter's generation will face.
  • An excursion on the Viedma glacier
    Irene is excited about walking on the Viedma glacier in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Argentina.
  • An inclusive restaurant  
    Berto describes Latin America's most inclusive restaurant.
  • Athflow
    Fernando explains the athflow concept.
  • Beach of the Dead 
    Cesar goes Almería every summer.
  • Binding spells
    Verónica is flying to Havana to get back together with her ex.
  • Bioluminescent beaches 
    Victor talks about these awesome beaches.
  • Blossoming
    Jacinto always feels reborn, like the Phoenix, in the springtime.
  • Burguillo Island
    Marcos tells us about his plan for a fabulous weekend in a castle on an small island.
  • Burn calories cleaning 
    Oscar is a personal trainer who explains how doing housework can be a great fitness routine.
  • Buying a lamp
    Nacho needs to buy new lamps to give a different ambience to his living room.
  • Canalejas Center
    Raquel tells us about the luxury project "Centro Canalejas".
  • Capoeira
    Nico wants to initiate his friend in the art of capoeira.
  • Caress, poem to a mother
    Alvaro wants to dedicate a poem by Gabriela Mistral, the Chilean writer, to his mother.
  • Carolina Marín, Spanish badminton's legend
    A brief introduction to Carolina Marín.
  • Casado
    Sofia describes Costa Rica's most typical dish.
  • Cherry Blossoms
    Blanca tells us about the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Jerte Valley in Cáceres (Spain).
  • Chocolate with churros
    Aitor can't wait till New Year comes because on the 1st of January he always has chocolate with churros for breakfast.
  • Chupa chups
    Maica tells us some interesting facts about the famous Chupa Chups lollipops.
  • Citrus massage 
    Agustin explains how aromatherapy massage can bring cheer.
  • Co-working spaces
    Fermín can't wait to move his company to a co-working space to develop and improve his business.
  • Cocktails and mixology 
    Perla is announcing the enrolment day for the Coctelería y Mixología course at Madrid Cocktail School.
  • Combatting plastic in Colombia
    Colombia combats plastic with bans, awareness and sustainability campaigns.
  • Couple's mediation
    Pepa talks about her profession.
  • Credit Cards 
    Paco has too many credit cards, but his wife has a solution.
  • Crosses of May
    Antonio is excied about his trip to the Crosses of May Festival.
  • De-stress! 
    Psychologists recommend housework to get rid of stress.
  • Decorating the table
    Felipe shares his ideas for decorating a stunning table.
  • Denia
    Carla is surrounded by retired foreigners each time that she spends the summer holidays with her family in Denia.
  • Diamonds
    Nerea explains the birth stone for people born in April.
  • Diego is a float bearer
    Diego is a proud Easter float bearer.
  • Digital nomads 
    Celeste is changing her life to become a digital nomad.
  • Discovering my past 
    After discovering that he was adopted and his biological parents live in Colombia, Sebastián travelled there to meet them.
  • Diving in Coco island, Costa Rica (B1)
    Noelia is getting ready to go diving for first time in the Pacific ocean.
  • Do you draw by hand or use a computer?
    Digital or traditional? Master both for success.
  • Do you know what the future city will be like?
    There are some ideas about what the city of the future will be like.
  • Dog sledding 
    Jimena can't wait to participate in the Baqueira Beret dog sled race.
  • Doing my weekly shopping
    I don't like doing my weekly grocery shopping.
  • Domitila Barrios de Chungara a Bolivian labor leader and feminist 
    Paulo talks about a prominent Bolivian leader.

B2: Upper Intermediate Spanish listening exercises

  • 21st century shepherds 
    Rosa is changing her profession to became a shepherdess.
  • A Templar castle
    Juan tells us about the one of the most popular Templar Castles in Spain.
  • A charity baby shower
    Dina wants to invest the budget for her baby shower in a fundraising event for the NGO Madrina Foundation.
  • A cruise around the Caribbean
    We've finally decided which Caribbean cruise we're choosing for our honeymoon.
  • A fun flight
    Irene tells us about her entertaining plane ride.
  • A good restaurant in Tegucigalpa
    I found a very good restaurant with excellent reviews.
  • A surprising hotel
    Patricia has discovered an amazing hotel for her honeymoon.
  • A visit to the Marina Núñez del Prado House Museum
    Alba is revisiting one of her favourite museums.
  • A welcoming place
    Sergio believes that schools must become welcoming places of belonging and community.
  • Adelitas
    Iria talks about a female icon of the Mexican revolution.
  • Adoration of the Magi
    Mariela describes what happened when she the Adoration of the Magi by Velázquez first time with her father at the Prado Museum.
  • Ads and memories 
    Bernardo talks about the impact commercials had on his childhood.
  • Aimlessly
    Antonio talks about his solitary road trips with no fixed destination through the mountains.
  • Altamira
    Marta is very excited about her trip to Altamira where she plans to visit some very important prehistoric paintings.
  • An experience in the Turkish bath
    My holistic experience in a wonderful Turkish bath.
  • Andrea's travel notebook
    Explore Andrea's solo journey across South America and her unforgettable legacy.
  • Argentinian escarapela day
    Isabel tells us about the Argentinian escarapela.
  • Astrology drives me crazy
    Vanesa took an astrology course and now she is confused by the many horoscopos from diverse cultures that exist.
  • Barnacles
    Horacio describes this exclusive Spanish Galician seafood.
  • Bocas del Toro
    Diego reminisces about his holidays in Boca de Toro.
  • Bookshops
    While buying a book for his granddaughter, Adrián discovers a book on children's emotional education.
  • Brain benefits of learning languages
    Julia enrolled in Spanish and Italian classes as soon as she learned about the cerebral benefits of learning a second language.
  • Cachapas
    Alberto has a craving for cachapas.
  • Can you go 24 hours without complaining?
    Pedro has challenged himself to go 24 hours without complaining. Will he achieve it?
  • Celia Sánchez-Ramos
    Rodolfo is writing an article about female Latin American and Spanish scientists.
  • Che Guevara
    Find out how Korda's photo of Che Guevara became an icon and was chosen by Time magazine as one of the most compelling images in history.
  • Christmas Eve at La Paz
    Juanjo tells us about his plans to celebrate Christmas Eve in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Christmas lights
    Remedios tells us about the Christmas lights in Málaga.
  • Climbing Naranjo de Bulnes
    Climbing one of the most emblematic peaks in the Picos de Europa is mesmerasing.
  • Colada and guaguas
    Sergio describes the typical food prepared in Ecuador for All Saints Day.
  • Craft market in Ciudadela
    What an exciting experience I had at this Mexican craft market!
  • Crowdfunding
    Rosaria tells us how she used crowdfunding to successfully launch her startup.
  • Cryptocurrency 
    Paulo is having second thoughts about investing in cryptocurrency.
  • Cube Tower, Mexico
    Jaime tells us about an iconic building in Jalisco designed by a Spanish woman architect.
  • Cyber Lawyers
    Zulema tells us about the profession of the future: cyber lawyer.
  • Day of the Candles 
    Malena describes the celebration known as the Day of the Candles.
  • Debate
    Jacinto is a moderator in a debate about Latin American policies.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree
    Let's get together to decorate the Christmas tree.
  • Desalination plants
    Monica explains how Spain is a world leader in water desalination technology.
  • Doctor's Monologue
    Fabian tells us how he became a comedian thanks to his patients' anecdotes when he was working as a hospital doctor.
  • Dominos 
    Serafín loves to play dominos.
  • Each to their own 
    Marilia tells us that there are many versions of beauty besides its classic interpretation.
  • Elsa & Fred
    Carmen is getting married again.
  • Emigration
    Roman tells us why he is emigrating and where to.
  • Esparto grass
    Julián tells us about the amazing esparto grass festival that takes place in a small village in Navarra.
  • Expressions with colours 
    Laila explains some Spanish expressions that feature colours.
  • Fabrics
    Nadia found the perfect atelier and fabrics to make her dress for the ball.
  • Family-in-law
    Ricardo is nervous about meeting his family-in-law for first time.
  • Fans
    Esteban explains the origin and use of one of Spain's iconic craft objects: the fan.
  • Fear
    Quique discovers a scary secret from his childhood.

C1: Advanced Spanish listening exercises

  • A big fan of Park Güell
    Admire the unique Park Guell in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí.
  • A growing market
    Eduardo describes some interesting facts about the rise of the athleisure market.
  • A terrifying make-up artist
    Do you agree that terrifying make-up is the key to a good horror movie?
  • Amal's iconic wedding dress
    Amal's iconic wedding dress by Oscar de la Renta was incredibly beautiful.
  • Body, mind and soul 
    Sebastián tells us how to find harmony and be happy and healthy.
  • Designer, tailor, dressmaker and seamstress 
    Magdalena explains the difference between the many professionals involved in making clothes.
  • Digital danger 
    Maribel is on the verge of bankruptcy because she keeps shopping and spending money on her phone.
  • Entertaining the children in the car 
    Bernardo tells us how he entertained his kids during a terrible traffic jam.
  • Epicureanism 
    Pepi is discovering Epicureanism.
  • Equality 
    Martina talks about her thoughts on equality.
  • Fervor at Ayacucho's procession in Peru
    Being part of the congregation at the processions in Ayacucho is such a unique experience.
  • Foot reflexology
    Serafín explains foot reflexology.
  • Gothic
    Federico explains Gothic architecture.
  • Grape initiation 
    Joaquín experiences the initiation for grape pickers in his family's vineyard.
  • Happier than a boy with new shoes
    Xavi explains a Spanish expression about shoes.
  • Hornazo
    Mercedes tells us the origin of the Hornazo and Lunes de Aguas tradition in Salamanca.
  • I am right, you are wrong 
    Lucas prefers to agree with his brother rather than continue fighting.
  • I failed!
    I failed my driving test today.
  • I have decided to start a laundromat
    This is the right decision: starting a laundromat.
  • I'm broke 
    Paloma is struggling to make ends meet.
  • I'm fed up with housework!
    I don't want to clean or cook any more!
  • Jerez horses
    Come and see the very skillful horses of Jerez dance.
  • LEGO: a very successful toy
    LEGO is probably the toy with the most sucess around the world.
  • La Granja de San Ildefonso fountains 
    Victor is planning to see the San Ildefonso fountains being turned on.
  • La movida madrileña 
    Jacinto tries to describe this underground cultural phenomenon.
  • Lola Flores
    Paco tells us about a Spanish icon and flamenco artist whose legacy is alive and going viral on social media, although she left us 25 years ago her.
  • Mom's holiday
    Juanjo talks about the freedom, relief and happiness that his mother feels when school starts again.
  • My house has been hacked 
    Belén is at home in her domotic house and now hackers are asking her for a ransom!
  • Nativity scene maker
    Martín talks about his passion about Nativities.
  • New Year in Warsaw
    Have you ever spent New Year's Eve in a different country? I'm heading to Warsaw this year!
  • Oaxacan street food
    Ernesto has fallen in love with Oaxacan street food.
  • Olefitness
    Araceli is amazed to learn that you can do flamenco for fitness where you can burn up to 600 calories.
  • Operation Nécora
    Learn about one of the first and largest drug trafficking raids in Galicia.
  • Partying 
    Alfredo explains why he likes partying.
  • Rooftop Summer 
    Elsa has transformed her rooftop into an oasis to enjoy summer in the city.
  • Sisterhood
    Fabio had dinner with his sister yesterday, and she explained to him what "sororidad" means nowadays.
  • Solar system 
    Javier describes the solar system.
  • Spanish Ombudsman 
    Clara is studying for the Spanish Citizenship test.
  • Strangers 
    Enrique has a plan to get to know all his neighbours from his apartment block.
  • Tell me what you throw in the trash, and I'll tell you who you are
    Did you know that detectives can determine what you eat, your habits, and your lifestyle just by looking at what's in your trash?
  • Terrace culture in Spain
    Dina is on holiday in Spain and is absolutely amazed by the terrace culture!
  • The "jarapas" from the Granadan Alpujarra
    I'm so pleased with my purchase of some Granadan rugs, I can't wait to see them decorating my house.
  • The European giant of costumes 
    Celia is surprised to learn that the European giant of costumes is in Huesca.
  • The algorithm of love
    Dafne doesn't believe that an algorithm can find your other half.
  • The fighters 
    Joaquin is nervous thinking of a strategy to win the national wrestling championship.
  • The guitar 
    Find out why Cecilia will take a Spanish guitar with her to a desert island.
  • The invention of escalators
    Did you know that the first escalators were created at the end of the 19th century?
  • The invention of the wheel
    How important was the invention of the wheel for humanity?
  • The love plant
    Vicente is frustrated because his marriage is in crisis.
  • The mop 
    Juan talks to us about his work day.

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