Spanish Listening Links

Ideas and resources to practice listening to Spanish

Listening to SpanishIf you don't live in a Spanish-speaking country, it can be difficult to find ways to listen to real Spanish conversations and reports. But there are various tools - including many free ones - available for Spanish listening practice, including online exercises and podcasts:

Progress with Lawless Spanish dictation Kwiziq star - Listen to snippets of Spanish and transcribe what you hear in these self-corrected exercises

Progress with Lawless Spanish articles Kwiziq star - The vast majority of our Bilingual Reader articles include audio or video

Audiciones - Audio for different levels with comprehension exercises

Learning Spanish for Beginners - Despite the name, this is better for intermediate students as the audio is rather fast

Learning Spanish Fast - Intermediate and advanced podcast in Latin American Spanish with an emphasis on Colombia

News in Slow Spanish - Weekly news reports specially recorded for Spanish learners

Notes in Spanish - Spanish audio, video, and worksheets on real-life topics

Podcasts in Spanish - Listen to real conversations on a variety of topics - advanced

Unlimited Spanish podcasts - Spanish audio recorded by Oscar, on a variety of topics accompanied by a transcription - intermediate to advanced (recommended by one of our Kwiziq students!) - Spanish-learning tips and lessons subtitled videos and audio files with transcripts

VideoEle - Videos for levels A1 to B2

Radio - Listening to Spanish talk radio and music

TV - Stations from the Spanish-speaking world

Even if you're a beginner, it can be helpful to listen to Spanish to help train your ear.

Spanish audio books

Beyond listening

For help improving your Spanish grammar, sign up for a free Progress with Lawless Spanish account and you'll get personalized study recommendations!


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