Spanish TV for Listening Practice

Improve Spanish listening comprehension by watching TV

Spanish TV

A great source of Spanish listening practice is television. In some ways, it's better than listening to news on the radio or even audio created for Spanish learners because the language is much more authentic. For example, there will be slang and lazy pronunciation, both of which will help train your ear for talking to Spanish speakers in real life, rather than just chatting with your teacher and classmates.

How to access Spanish TV

Obviously if you're in Spain or Latin America, it's just a matter of switching on the TV and taking your pick from the dozens or hundreds of channels at your fingertips. But what about when you're not in a Spanish-speaking country? You still have several options. Some Spanish stations are broadcast all over the world, so check with your cable or satellite TV service to find out about international programming they may offer, such as these channels:

GlobalInternetTV offers streaming of more than 150 Spanish TV stations plus dozens more from other Spanish-speaking countries.

Spain's most popular TV stations

Mexico's most popular TV stations

Argentina's most popular TV stations

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