At the street market

"En el mercadillo"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Learn about the most famous street market in Madrid.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "street market", "stall", "second-hand", "bargain", "scam", "personal safety", "affordable", "busy", "to care about" and "at all".

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In some places there are traditional street markets either every week or several times a month where whole streets of assorted stalls can be seen. A good example of this is Madrid's el Rastro, which is also famous for the number of stalls dedicated to second-hand products. It's true that a bargain can always be found but as in all places you have to be careful about possible scams and personal safety. In my opinion, el Rastro is a great place (in order) to buy presents for the whole family because prices are fairly reasonable. What's bad is that it can be very busy because it takes place at the weekend. That does not matter to me at all I'll go back next Sunday!

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