"La taracea"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Learn about intarsia, a very old traditional woodwork technique.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "related (connected)", "geometric figures", "artisan (craftperson)", "plane (flat surface)", "thickness (density)" and "heat (warmth)".

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Intarsia is a woodwork activity which the city of Granada has been identified with since the times of the Nasrid Kingdom. The wood is treated in a special way and its use is related to decoration through geometric figures. The aforementioned technique is much appreciated among artisans because the pieces of wood are worked in the same plane, creating a smooth area of the same thickness that will later be attached to the base of the [item of] furniture or object that one wants to decorate. It is possible to veneer almost all objects or furniture and the wood is usually treated with intense heat until you achieve different shades. I'm not really into crafts but I recognize that this technique is amazing.

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