Arón Bitrán: a Chilean violinist

"Arón Bitrán: un violinista chileno"
Spanish A1 writing exercise

Learn about Arón Bitrán, a famous Chilean violinist.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "violin", "fantastic", "violinist", "famous", "composition (music: piece)", "conservatory (school of performing arts)", "difficult", "musical note" and "orchestra".

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Do you like the violin? If you like this instrument, you have to listen to Arón Bitrán. His music is fantastic! I like this violinist because he plays many famous pieces that convey joy and happiness. Every day I listen to his compositions because I'm studying violin at the conservatory. Sometimes it is difficult to find the musical notes. I want to be an important violinist and play the violin in an international orchestra.