A Christmas tale

"Un cuento de Navidad"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

A forgotten Christmas gift sparks a heartwarming holiday story.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to hug (embrace)" and "laughter (act of laughing)".

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On a cold December night, a little boy found a forgotten gift under the Christmas tree. Inside it, he discovered a letter full of love from his grandmother that reminded him of the true meaning of Christmas: love and family union. Full of joy, he ran to hug his parents, and the three shared special moments, understanding that the best gift was being together. That night, there were songs and laughter at home, and the magic of Christmas filled their hearts with happiness. At the end of the day, they lit a candle in memory of the grandmother, knowing that her love would always be present in their lives. Additionally, they gave thanks for the love and connection that Christmas had reminded them of.

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