A mountaineering adventure in Jalisco

"Una aventura de montañismo en Jalisco"
Spanish A2 writing exercise

While mountaineering El Diente in Jalisco, Julio faced tough trails and reveled in the breathtaking summit views.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "mountaineering", "to pack", "ascent", "trail", "landscape", "to stop", "to reach", "summit" and "to feel proud".

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Yesterday, I went to El Diente in Jalisco to go mountaineering. I packed my backpack with water, and warm clothing. Early in the morning, I began my ascent. The trail was difficult, but the landscape was impressive. I saw green mountains and deep valleys. During my hike, I stopped to drink water and have a snack. After several hours, I reached my goal: the summit of El Diente. The view from above was incredible, and I felt very proud of my achievement.