Kitchen Nightmares

"Pesadilla en la Cocina"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Step into the world of 'Kitchen Nightmares', where culinary rescues and transformations unfold in each episode.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "fascinating", "culinary", "at the helm" and "fundamental".

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Kitchen Nightmares is a fascinating television show that combines the culinary world with emotional narrative, offering a most revealing look behind the curtains of struggling restaurants. With the internationally renowned chef Alberto Chicote at the helm, the program tries to rescue restaurants on the brink of collapse and transform them into successful thriving businesses. Each episode follows a captivating pattern: Chicote visits a restaurant in crisis, discovers the fundamental problems, from management to food quality, and then he has to implement dramatic changes. In short, this program offers an irresistible mix of entertainment and practical advice for those in the hospitality industry, for those lovers of gastronomy and those who dream of running their own restaurant.