A photo of our grandparents

"Una foto de nuestros abuelos"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Two brothers show us a heartwarming snapshot of their cherished grandparents.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "at that time", "to be married" and "waiter".

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We are going back to 1940. In the photo, our paternal grandparents appear. This was our grandfather Juan and this was our grandmother Ana. At that time they were 20 years old and they were already married. I think they were very happy because they had big smiles on their faces. We know that they worked in the fields, but our grandfather sometimes worked as a waiter in the village bar. Although they did not live long, we will always remember them and that's why we like looking at the family photo album every now and then. Such beautiful memories!

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