"La corrupción"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Corruption in Spain is a serious problem that dates back centuries.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Golden Age", "Castilian picaresque", "classism", "nepotism", "media", "to commit" and "empirical".

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Corruption in Spain dates back to the Golden Age and it is known through Castilian picaresque literature. Centuries later, during the Franco dictatorship economic corruption, classism and nepotism became common features of society. The implication of the political class in corruption has always been a fact, and cases of irregularities have increased in recent years. Spanish administrations tolerate the majority of these cases. Unfortunately, citizens are being affected by this serious political and social situation and finally they are the ones who pay the consequences out of their pockets. Some powerful tools that are constantly being used to reveal corruption cases, are radio and television, but they have also become easily manipulated media whose information is not always empirical. It is difficult for corruption to disappear from the country if politicians do not commit to fight against it.

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