Buying a second home in Spain

Spanish B1 writing exercise

Comprar una segunda vivienda en España

This couple feels very excited about buying a house in Spain for their retirement. In this exercise you'll practise idiomatic constructions, relatives and the position of pronouns.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to intend (plan)", "to be about to", "real state agency", "calmly", "quality of life" and "soon".

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My husband and I just retired. As we really like life in Spain, we intend to buy a house there. We are about to board the plane to fly to Almeria, where we have an appointment with a real estate agency. Investing in a home is a great idea, because that way we can live more calmly without having to pay rent. In addition, we are very attracted to the idea of spending our retirement in the south of Spain due to the good weather, the gastronomy and the excellent quality of life it has. I hope we find a nice house soon!