Council housing challenges

"Los desafíos de la VPO"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

Learn about the council housing situation in a Spanish city.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to face", "rent", "to be through the roof", "unemployed" and "at the moment".

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The fact there is an insufficient supply of council houses in Spain to face the current social emergency can no longer be hidden. The price of rent and free-market housing is through the roof, many workers continue to live in a situation of temporary layoffs and many others are unemployed due to the health crisis. Nowadays, it is a lottery to obtain one of these houses, since you have to join a long waiting list and wait what could be years for them to call you. That's why, many young people cannot become independent and their plans to start a family are being postponed, until they can leave their parents' house. At the moment, the availability of these houses is very limited and that ends up creating problems for young people in the long run. It would be good if all its current conditions were reviewed so that many people would benefit more from them.

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