Oración subordinada de finalidad

Subordinate clauses of purpose

See also: Conjunción and Conjunction types

Spanish subordinate clauses of purpose are introduced by conjunctions like para (que), a fin de (que), con el propósito de (que)...

These clauses introduce the purpose of what is expressed in the main clause. 

Here are some examples:

Me dio la mano para que yo me sintiera mejor.
He held my hand so that I felt better.

Sus padres fueron al colegio con el propósito de hablar con el profesor de su hijo.
His parents went to the school in order to speak with their son's teacher.

Fui contigo a la fiesta a fin de que tus compañeros me conocieran.
I went to the party with you so that your colleagues could meet me.

Depending on whether the subjects in the main and subordinate clause are the same or different, the subordinate clause will use the infinitive or subjunctive.

I'll be right with you...