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Discover what the traditional Honduran handicrafts are.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "handicrafts (objects)", "unsurpassed", "pottery" and "engraved".

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In Honduras a great variety of beautiful handicrafts are made, there is no region that does not produce a beautiful piece. Whether they are of clay, leather or bamboo, all these crafts are of unsurpassed beauty, and this makes tourists want to take them [home] as a souvenir of their visit. Those who like pottery, must visit the village of Lenca, where indigenous women make spectacular pots. But if your thing is jewelry, engraved or inlaid pieces with precious stones and pearls will make you fall in love, both for their detail and for their design. But, if you are thinking of buying something unique and different, a Honduran wooden figure is the ideal gift, don't miss out! Come on, it's not like there's nothing to buy in Honduras!

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