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A tornado

"Un tornado"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

A fierce tornado struck Mar Azul, turning its tranquil shores into a tempestuous battleground.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "seaside (next to the sea)", "tornado", "to seek refuge", "in the face of" and "overcoming".

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On an idyllic island in the Caribbean, a quiet seaside town named Mar Azul was struck by a sudden tornado. It was a strange phenomenon for the locals, who sought refuge together in their homes, displaying solidarity and courage. Despite the considerable damage inflicted, they rebuilt their community with unwavering determination and although there was not much to celebrate, they did celebrate their resilience in the face of the tornado with a colorful annual festival. In this simple way, Mar Azul became a symbol of overcoming in the face of great adversity, and the story of the tornado passed from generation to generation, since it was a most shocking event.

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