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Learn Spanish Expressions

Spanish expressionsThere's only so much Spanish grammar to learn. Believe it or not, you will eventually get to a point where every grammatical construction you encounter is at least recognizable. The same can't be said of idiomatic expressions, which are all but infinite. How can you possibly learn them all? By devoting a part of your daily Spanish practice to learning new ones. Here are some good resources.

Progress with Lawless Spanish Expression Lists

Progress with Lawless Spanish Expression Exercises

  • B2: Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente - Join this quinceañera at her party where she meets someone very special! A story full of Spanish idioms with the word ojos.
  • B2: Refranes de Octubre - Discover a few Spanish proverbs and sayings about autumn in this bilingual text.
  • B2: Mi príncipe azul - Do you see life through rose-tinted spectacles? Practise Spanish idioms related to colours with this romantic bilingual story.
  • C1: ¡Somos la leche! - What if your best friend was also your sibling? Heartwarming story with a host of Spanish idioms relating to food.
  • C1: ¡Está como una cabra! - A funny story about an oddball neighbour who lives in the same building, packed with Spanish idioms mentioning animals.
  • C1: Un mal amigo - What would you do if you discovered your best friend was deceiving you? This exercise can help you practise idioms with the word mano.

Spanish Expression Lessons

Many websites offer lessons on Spanish expressions:

Spanish Expression Apps

There are also apps to help you learn new Spanish expressions.


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