Spanish expressions with "mano"

A list of common Spanish idioms with the body part "hand"

Spanish vocabulary

contar con los dedos de la mano to count on the fingers of one hand
traerse algo entre manos to be up to something
tener un agujero en la mano to have money burn a hole in one's pocket (to be a spendthrift)
lavarse las manos to wash one's hands of something (to decline responsibilty for something)
ser un manirroto to be a spendthrift (masc.)
ser una manirrota to be a spendthrift (fem.)
poner la mano en el fuego to put one's hand in the fire
tener la mano muy larga to be light-fingered
tirar la piedra y esconder la mano to be two-faced [say (or do) one thing and do (or say) another]
írsele la mano a alguien to be light-fingered (steal something) or to get physical (fight)
írsele a alguien algo de las manos to lose control
pillar con las manos en la masa to catch red-handed
tener a mano to have something at one's fingertips
echar una mano to lend a hand
tener mano izquierda to have a deft touch
ser de segunda mano to be second hand
ponerse en manos de alguien to place oneself in someone's hands
llegar a las manos to come to blows
mano a mano together, side by side
ser la mano derecha de alguien to be someone's right-hand
pedir la mano de alguien to ask for someone's hand (in marriage)
tener a alguien comiendo de la mano to have someone eating from the palm of your hand
escribir a mano to write by hand
ser de primera mano to be first-hand (knowledge)
con la mano en la cintura effortlessly
al alcance de la mano close at hand, close by