Spanish expressions with "quedarse"

A list of the most common Spanish idioms using the verb "quedarse"

Spanish vocabulary

quedarse frito, quedarse frita to fall asleep, to doze off
quedarse con ganas to not be able to do something, never get to do something
quedarse corto to miscalculate, to underestimate, to fall short
quedarse a medias to not finish an action
quedarse al margen to keep out of something, to stay at the edge
quedarse de piedra to be stunned, to be amazed, to be flabbergasted
quedarse tan ancho, quedarse tan ancha to make it easy on oneself
quedarse helado, quedarse helada to be shocked, to be stunned
quedarse con alguien to fool someone, to kid
quedarse en blanco to go blank
quedarse callado, quedarse callada to remain silent
quedarse con la duda to remain doubtful
quedarse con la copla to get the drift
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