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Spanish expressions mentioning grapes: "Uvas"

A list of useful expressions with the word "uva(s)"

Spanish vocabulary

Dar las uvas to be waiting all day and night
De uvas a brevas once in a blue moon
De uvas a peras once in a blue moon
Entrar a por uvas to take the plunge
Estar a por uvas to be distracted
Estar de mala uva to be in a bad mood
Estar hecho una uva to be as drunk as a lord/ as a skunk
Ir de uvas a peras to change the subject for no reason/to make a non-sequitur
Ponerse de mala uva to get irritable
Tener mala uva to be a nasty piece of work
Uvas con queso, saben a beso grapes with cheese taste great [lit: grapes with cheese taste like a kiss]
I'll be right with you...