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Food Idioms in Spanish

A list of useful Spanish expressions mentioning food.

Spanish vocabulary

sacar las castañas del fuego to get out of trouble
ser la leche to be the best
ser la leche to be unbelievable (for bad reasons)
importarle a alguien un rábano couldn't care less
importarle a alguien un pimiento couldn't care less
el que se pica, ajos come if a person overreacts or gets angry about something, it's probably because there's a grain of truth, sometimes compared to the expression "if the shoe/cap fits"
darle calabazas a alguien to give someone the brushoff
no está hecha la miel para la boca del asno don't cast pearls before swine
llamar al pan, pan y al vino, vino plain talking/telling it like it is, sometimes compared to "to call a spade a spade"
comerse el coco to worry
comer el coco a alguien to get brainwashed
ser más bueno que el pan to be a good soul
ser la pera to be terrific, amazing
ser la pera to be crazy, annoying
conocer a su media naranja to meet your other half/soulmate
estar como una cafetera to be crazy
y fueron felices y comieron perdices and they lived happily ever after
I'll be right with you...