Spanish expressions with "poner(se)"

A list of the most common Spanish idioms using the verb "poner(se)"

Spanish vocabulary

Ponerse colorado/colorada To go red in the face
Ponerse manos a la obra To get on with something
Poner al tanto/al corriente To inform
Ponerse al tanto/al corriente To catch up/get up-to-date
Poner a alguien por las nubes To speak highly of someone
Poner las cartas sobre la mesa To lay your cards on the table
Ponerse como un demonio To go ballistic/postal (be angry)
Poner en marcha To start/start up
Poner de manifiesto To bring to light
Ponerse las botas To hit the jackpot
Ponerse las botas To fill your boots (eat a lot, enjoy yourself)
Ponerse como una moto To get very nervous
Poner algo en duda To question something
Poner los puntos sobre las íes To dot the i's and cross the t's
Poner en ridículo a alguien To make someone look ridiculous
Poner el grito en el cielo To hit the roof (be angry)
Poner de los nervios a alguien To get on somebody's nerves
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