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The Kwiziq Scoring System

*The Kwiziq scoring system is different to other scoring systems.*
The Kwiziq score is a measure of how confident the system is that you know an element of the language.
The Kwiziq system uses a special algorithm to estimate confidence in a competency and Kwiziq scores in fact range from -100% to 100%.
Negative scores indicate you have mislearned something
Zero scores indicate areas you have yet to learn
Positive scores indicate you have learned that competency and estimate how confident you are with it.
All this means is that the scores you see will initially be much lower than you may be used to. Here's why:
Firstly, negative scores subtract from positive ones, so you should only answer questions you feel confident that you know the answer to. The system can then determine areas where you have mislearned something so you can correct yourself in these areas as quickly as possible to avoid reinforcing mistakes.  If you skip questions, the system will record 0% against that competency so it knows this is an area for future learning.
Secondly, even if you score 10 out of 10 in a multiple choice test, you might be disappointed with your score: The maximum Kwiziq score for multiple choice test is around 75%, because you're shown the answers to choose from. (In fact, the maximum score depends on the number of answers shown, so if you're only given two choices, you can only score 50%).  You can score 100% by doing freeform tests in which you are not shown any answers. When you answer correctly, you have definitely proven that you know your onions!
Finally, your previous performance in tests will affect your score, so it may take time for the system to be certain that you truly know something.  
The bottom line is that average scores above 50% are good and average scores above 75% are excellent.


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