Kwiziq Achievements

Kwiziq starsAll New Kwiziq has a completely new system for ongoing assessment and achievements. Until now, the working premise has been that a student "passes" a level and "goes up" to the next, but we realized that this isn't a good match for how people learn in reality. Learning a language isn't a linear process, so we now have three different stages of competence per lesson as well as per CEFR level. You'll earn a star or a shield each time you reach one:

Kwiziq score   Description   Lesson Award Level Award
50%   Basics   Bronze Star Bronze Shield
75%   Competence   Silver Star Silver Shield
90%   Mastery   Gold Star Gold Shield

Every time you achieve something you earn Kudos Points.

Bronze shieldPlease note that these percentages refer to your Kwiziq score, which is a measure of your confidence.

We've also introduced Foundation Awards: a set of five trophies that you'll earn when you demonstrate basic competence at one level as well as greater competence at lower levels. For example, when you have a Bronze Shield at B1, a Silver Shield at A2, and a Gold Shield at A1, you'll earn the B1 Foundation Award. This helps to ensure that even as you move up to more complicated concepts, you're still encouraged to solidify your foundations, which is one of our key goals.

A1 trophyHere's an example of how this might look for an intermediate student:

Level   Kwiziq Score   Achievement
A0   78%   Silver
A1   49%   -
A2   55%   Bronze
B1   44%   -
B2   52%   Bronze
C1   0%   -

For example, you have a bronze shield for A2, so you could go for the A2 silver shield and then go back and work toward your A1 bronze shield, or you could work on B1 to get that bronze shield first. KwizBot will constantly update your Studyplan based on your kwiz results, but you're always in control: you can follow his recommendations or work at whichever level feels right for you.

By the way, these level scores are the aggregate of your Brainmap, a visual representation of how Kwizbot views your language confidence.


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