Adjetivo indefinido

Spanish indefinite adjective

See also: Adjetivo and Adjective types

Indefinite adjectives are words that modify nouns in an unspecific or uncertain way. For example, they may indicate an indefinite amount.

Some English indefinite adjectives are anyeach, few, many, much, most, several, some, other, so many.

Some Spanish indefinite adjectives are algún, ningún, cada, pocos, muchos, variostodos, otros, tantos.

For example

Quiero algunos libros de la biblioteca.
I want some books from the library.

Javier no tiene muchos amigos.
Javier doesn't have many friends.

Ojalá mi hijo tuviera otros amigos.
I wish my son had other friends.

Cada persona es diferente.
Each person is different.

No tengo ninguna suerte en la lotería.
I don't have any luck with the lottery.

Ya he leído varias revistas. 
I've already read several magazines.

Let me take a look at that...