El Condicional Simple

Spanish Conditional

El Condicional Simple also known as El Condicional Imperfecto and El Pospretérito

El Condicional Simple expresses hypothetical actions that would or might happen in the past and in the future. It is also used to express wishes, to give advice and suggestions or to invite and ask in a polite way.

The English conditional is the modal verb ''would'' + main verb, while in Spanish El Condicional is a full set of verb conjugations.

Look at these examples:

Yo jugaría al futbol sí mañana no lloviese.I would play football if it weren't raining tomorrow.

¿Le gustaría tomar un sandwich?Would you like a sandwich?

¿Qué zapatos comprarías tú? - Yo me compraría los azules.-What shoes would you buy? - I would buy the blue ones.

El Condicional Simple is linked to El Futuro Simple in a very direct way; verbs in El Condicional Simple have the same stem as the verbs in El Futuro Simple. This is true whether the verbs are regular or irregular, the stems in El Condicional Simple are always the same as the stems in El Futuro Simple.  

Have a look at these regular and irregular verbs in both tenses:

Regular verb hablar (to speak)

El Futuro Simple = yo hablaré - I will speak

El Condicional Simple = yo hablaría - I would speak


Irregular verb hacer (to do)

El Futuro Simple = yo haré - I will do

El Condicional Simple = yo haría - I would do

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