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Tiempo compuesto

Spanish compound tense

In Spanish there are two main groups of tenses: simple tenses and compound tenses.

Compound tenses are tenses where the verb is made of two words:

an auxiliary verb (haber) in a specific simple tense (Presente, Pasado, Futuro...)
the past participle of the main verb

For example:

Yo he comido - I have eaten
has comido - You have eaten
Él ha comido - He has eaten
Nosotros hemos comido -We have eaten
Vosotros habéis comido You have eaten
Ellos han comido - They have eaten

There are 8 types of compound tenses in Spanish:

  1. Pretérito Perfecto
  2. Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto
  3. Pretérito Anterior
  4. Futuro perfecto
  5. Condicional perfecto
  6. Pretérito Perfecto de subjuntivo
  7. Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo
  8. Futuro Perfecto de subjuntivo 

To learn about simple tenses see Tiempo simple 

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