Pronombre tónico

See also: Pronombre and Pronoun types

Los pronombres tónicos are those that can function as:

- Subject:

eres mi mejor amiga.
You are my best friend

- Attribute:

 Los culpables sois vosotros.
The culprits are you.

After a preposition:

Mi hermano vendrá con nosotros.
My brother will come with us.

El regalo es para mí.
The gift is for me.

A ti te encanta la música.

You love music.

The Spanish pronombres tónicos are:


 1st person

 2nd person

 3rd person








Noun/ atribute

yo/ I

nosotros (as) / we

tú, usted / you

vosotros(as),ustedes / you

él/ he


ellos, ellas/ they

After preposition

/ me

conmigo / with me

nosotros (as) / us

ti, usted/ you

contigo / with you

vosotros (as), ustedes/ you

él/ him

ella/ her

ellos, ellas/ them


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