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Pronombre reflexivo

Spanish reflexive pronoun

See also: Pronombre and Pronoun types

A reflexive pronoun indicates that the action of a verb is performed by the same person it affects: the subjects are doing something to themselves or to each other.

For example, in I shave myself, I is both the person doing the action and the person it is done to.

Pronombres reflexivos English equivalents
me myself
te yourself
se himself / herself / itself
nos ourselves
os yourselves
se  themselves

Reflexive pronouns are mainly used to express 'self' as part of a pronominal verb (which may be reflexive or reciprocal).

For example:

Yo me levanto 
I get up.

Tú te duchas.
You have a shower.

Él se afeita.
He shaves.

Reflexive pronouns are also used to express reciprocity:

Ellos se aman 
They love each other.

Vosotras os miráis.
You look at each other. 

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