Irregulares en Indefinido/mismas terminaciones

Spanish irregular simple past conjugation with same endings

In Spanish there is a group of common verbs that are irregular in the simple past. The verbs in this category all have an irregular stem, but share the same set of endings:







*for verbs that end in -ducir (introducir, conducir, producir...) and also verb "traer" (to bring), their "they" form in El Indefinido is -eron (not -ieron)


Important: Note that these verbs do not have accents on the yo and él forms that you normally find in the regular simple past conjugation. 

Verbs in this group:

andar stem: anduv-  to walk
caber stem: cup- to fit
estar stem: estuv- to be
haber stem: hub- to have (auxiliary), there was/were
hacer stem: hic- to do/make
poder stem: pud- can/to be able to
poner stem: pus- to put
querer  stem: quis- to want/love
saber stem: sup- to know
tener stem: tuv- to have
venir stem: vin- to come
traer stem: traj- to bring



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