El Pretérito Perfecto Subjuntivo

Spanish present perfect subjunctive

El Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo also known as El Pretérito Perfecto Compuesto de Subjuntivo and El Antepresente

El Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo is used with specific expressions to refer to finalized actions in the past or finalized actions in the future. 

Look at and listen to these examples for finalized actions in the past:

Me alegro de que hayas viajado a diferentes países.I am pleased that you have travelled to different countries. [you=tú]

Espero que el chico haya comido bien.I hope that the boy has eaten well.

No creo que nosotros hayamos corrido tantos kilómetros.I don’t believe that we have run that many kilometers.

No pienso que vosotros hayáis dormido lo suficiente.I don’t think that you all have slept enough.

Espero que ellos hayan conseguido el trabajo.I hope that they have got the job.

Now look at these examples for finalized actions in the future:

Cuando hayas hecho tus deberes puedes ir a jugar fuera.
When you have done your homework [then] you can go play outside.

Tan pronto como haya almorzado iré a tu casa.
As soon as I have had lunch I will go to your house.

Solo te compraré el móvil después de que hayas aprobado el curso.
I will buy you the mobile phone only after you have passed the course.

Espero que mi jefe me haya pagado el próximo viernes.
I hope my boss will have paid me by next Friday.

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