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Pronombre interrogativo y exclamativo

Spanish interrogative and exclamatory pronouns

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Interrogative pronouns are words that replace the noun on which we are asking the question. They are used in direct and indirect questions and are always written with an accent [´]. They will be between question marks [¿ ?].
For example:

¿Qué quieres?
What do you want?

¿Quién eres?
Who are you?

¿Cuál prefieres?
Which one do you prefer?

No sé cuáles compraré.
I don't know which ones I will buy.

¿Cuántos quieres?
How many do you want?

No hay muchas chicas. ¿Cuántas han venido?
There aren't many girls. ¿How many did come?

Exclamatory pronouns are words that replace the noun on which we are expressing surprise or some kind of emotion. They are always written with an accent [´]. They are the same pronouns as the interrogative pronouns, but they will be between exclamation marks [¡ !].
For example:

¡Qué vamos a hacer!
What are we doing now!

¡Quién pudiera ir a la playa ahora!
I wish I could go to the beach now!

¡Cuántos han suspendido el examen!
Lots of people failed the exam!

Watch this video in Spanish for some more explanation and examples:

Pronombres interrogativos y exclamativos


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