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Modo imperativo

Spanish imperative mood

The Spanish imperative mood, El Imperativo, has different uses in Spanish.
Among the most common uses are: for informal commands, to give instructions, or to grant permission.

Have a look at some examples:

¡Vete de aquí!
Get out of here!

Seguid recto y torced a la izquierda.
Go straight and turn left.

Vale, ve con ellos al cine.
Okay, [you can] go with them to the cinema.

Important note:

Bear in mind that very often in Spanish we talk about imperative conjugations referring to the imperative for the and vosotros forms when the command is an affirmative one, as shown in the examples above. If the commands are directed to the formal usted / ustedes or it is any negative command (for anyone) then the imperative will take the form of the present subjunctive. This is why these commands are not normally part of a conjugation table showing all the different tenses.

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