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AmeliaA0Kwiziq community member

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what can i do to work on my spanish.

Asked 1 year ago
InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Amelia

You could keep practising with Kwiziq, studying its lessons and doing dictations, translations, reading our articles (linked to lessons, including audios and translations), doing fill-in-the-gap exercises. You can also use the Forum to ask doubts, etc. 

Or were you asking about a specific aspect of the learning? 



Carolyn S.A1Kwiziq community member

Are you using an app to learn Spanish from the beginning?  There’s no way to learn a second language here. It’s an excellent secondary tool to keep yourself sharp while learning Spanish elsewhere.  The best that I have found is Duolingo. It is free, it’s an app and it’s used as first year Spanish across the U.S. in school to teach Spanish and other languages.  It mainly stays in the present tense all the way through and it’s extremely repetitive, which is exactly what you need to learn.  I just finished it and since I have an excellent grasp on Spanish, I’m now using Busuu app.  I hope that helps!

G mB1Kwiziq community member

Live in a Spanish-speaking country.  Only way to overcome this kind of nonsense.  Or, speak to native Spanish speakers.  These types of applications cause more confusion than they are worth in my opinion.  You are never clear on anything.  When do you use "ser" or "estar"?  What about an article?  When does the adjective go before or after the noun?  Nonsense.

InmaKwiziq team member

Hola G m

Learning Spanish through a learning site like Kwiziq is an excellent way to learn the language. 

With Kwiziq you take a journey from the very beginning (or right from your actual level) to the advanced level C1. Going through our tests and different exercises make you progress and improve different skills that are very beneficial for any language learner. Needless to say, obviously, that the students would need to have a positive attitude to learning, be a bit patient and do lots of practice (like with any other language). If the student has the opportunity to go and live in the country for a while and gets immersed in its culture and the day to day practice with locals, well, of course that is a fantastic bonus and indeed you learn things that an online programme may not be able to offer. Therefore, I would encourage everyone who has an interest in learning Spanish to definitely keep trying as it is a wonderful experience. 


MarcosC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Take a high school Spanish textbook out of the library.  Read the lessons for a chapter out loud and anwer the questions out loud over and over again. Try to do this three times a day. This is how I learned Spanish when I moved to Mexico. I also hired a neighbor as a conversation tutor.  I became functional in Spanish very quickly.  

A site like this is good for review and for filling in the gaps. It has been a good help to my academic Spanish.

zero articals

what can i do to work on my spanish.

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