Would it not be imperfect?


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16 April 2018

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Would it not be imperfect?

One of the questions in this section was:

Mi prima ________ Miss Universo. .My cousin was Miss UniverseHINT: Conjugate "ser" in Pretérito indefinido

I got this correct (fue), because of the section it is in, but would it not be better to use the imperfect for this example?  Mi prima era Miss Universo.   There is no time frame involved, outside of being in the past.  Does it really matter? Just wondering.  Thank you.

This question relates to:
Spanish lesson "Conjugate and recognise ir and ser in El Pretérito Indefinido (simple past)"


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16 April 2018


Hi Papi

We haven't put any emphasis on the timeframes in this lesson as it is all to do with verbs IR and SER having the same form in the preterite. This sentence could be using both "fui" and "era" depending on the the timeframe when the action happened, being more specific (preterite) or more irrelevant (imperfect). We are at the moment doing a lesson to differenciate verb "ser" in the preterite and in the imperfect so you will have more information very soon :))



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