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Shouldn't it be se viste instead of viste?

Asked 3 years ago
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Hola Emanuel,

you can use both in this case, but we prefer "vestir":

Ese hombre viste muy elegante. Será el director.

Vestir is used when we mean "to dress" more than "getting dressed". Vestirse is used when we are referring to the "process of getting dressed".

If we want to say that someone "dresses" in a certain way/style, with an adverb, we use "vestir", like in these examples:

Viste muy elegante/elegantemente.

Viste de una forma extraña.

Viste muy bien.

Viste mal.

Vestir is also used, although more formally, as a synomym of "to wear". For example:

La modelo viste un diseño de Carolina Herrera.

I hope this helped.


Inma viste

Shouldn't it be se viste instead of viste?

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