¿Vas ________ casa de Inés?


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22 March 2019

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¿Vas ________ casa de Inés?

Vas a/para casa de Inés

Wouldn't there be "la" before casa?Then if "a" or "para" is correct why don't we get "no banana" if we used "para"? In this case using "a" instead of "para" is more correct?

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22 March 2019


Hola Marc

You can use both: Voy para/a casa de Inés or Voy para/a la casa de Inés.

Depending on the region you would use a casa or a la casa, but in general, I can say that there is a subtle difference between using one or the other. If you say "voy a casa de Inés", you normally mean you are going to her house to see her. If you say "voy a la casa de Inés", it doesn't necessarily mean that Inés is there, but you may be going to her house to do something different. 

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