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forgetting the question marks

Ian K.B2Kwiziq community member

forgetting the question marks

Why am I marked wrong because of this? 

Asked 2 years ago
ShuiKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hola Ian,

Students are never marked wrong for punctuation unless that punctuation is part of what is being tested, for example, you need to include accent marks to write correct Spanish otherwise you change the pronunciation or meaning of the word (see Written accents in Spanish).

I don't know which question you are referring to, so I'm going to use a French example I have handy to answer your question about "being marked wrong."

When you look at your answer page, you see something like "Almost there" and your answer will have a "hollow" green check mark compared to the "correct" more solid green check mark

If you hover over this "hollow" checkmark, you'll see it says "Don't worry, we scored it as correct"

So please let me reassure you that if your only mistake was forgetting the question marks, then you scored "correct".




InmaKwiziq team member

Hola Ian

If you let us know which question you're referring to we can have a look.


forgetting the question marks

Why am I marked wrong because of this? 

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