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6 June 2018

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Escuchar means "to listen to", rather than "to listen" I thought.  That's why I chose "quienes" rather than "a quienes" (plus the accents!).  But you have to include the "a" in this case, do you?  I know the Spanish like to duplicate prepositions!!

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6 June 2018


Hola Alan,

I imagine you are referring to this question: 

¿___ debemos escuchar? (Whom do we have to listen to?)

A quiénes

When you listen to something, for example, "Escucho la radio todos los días" (I listen to the radio everyday) you don't need "a", but when you listen to someone/people, it is "escuchar a...". In this case we are referring to people, in the form of a question, therefore you need "a", ¿A quiénes debemos escuchar?

I hope this clarified your doubt.

Un saludo

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