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11 June 2018

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A suggestion

I do find this confusing even though I understand the grammatical logic behind it. But my (temporary) solution is to get away from thinking in English and adopt the Spanish viewpoint. So I think “I please you” (te gusto); “you please me” (me gustas); “he pleases them” (les gusta) etc. , rather than "you fancy me"......

I believe it’s better as a general principle to try to think in the target language, rather than translate from your own language into the target language.

Hope this helps.

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12 June 2018


¡Hola Alan!

We came to the conclusion when we created this lesson that giving the most common/natural translation in English would be the way most people coming to this concept for the first time would understand it better. We understand your point of view, of course, and it really is also a valid literal translation and we do use it in the lesson, just not in the direct translations of the examples. Thanks for sharing your views with us, I'll add an extra note to the lesson to emphasize this.



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