Reverse verbs like "gustar" in Spanish

A useful list of verbs that operate backwards like "gustar"

Spanish vocabulary

encantar to love
interesar to be interested in
molestar to bother
apasionar to be passionate about
fascinar to be fascinated by, with
doler to be painful
parecer to seem
quedar to remain
aburrir to bore
faltar to be lacking something
preocupar to be worried about
importar to be important
entretener to entertain
bastar to be sufficient
costar to be difficult
picar to itch
caer bien to like [someone]
caer mal to dislike [someone]
disgustar to disgust
dar asco to disgust
chiflar to really like
volver loco to really really like
tocar to be someone's turn
enganchar to get hooked [by something]
apetecer to feel like doing something