The least polluted village in Spain

Spanish B1 writing exercise

El pueblo menos contaminado de España

Do you know where the least polluted town in Spain is? In this exercise you'll practise superlatives, the position of pronouns, relatives and "cuando + subjunctive".

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "fresh air", "polluted", "to encounter", "altitude", "days off" and "clean".

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If you want to breathe fresh air and escape the noise and stress, I recommend traveling to Campisábalos, a village in Guadalajara, since it is considered the least polluted village in Spain. This is so because of the wind, which usually arrives without encountering major industrial areas, and also because of the high altitude of more than 1300 meters. In addition, this village has only 68 inhabitants and therefore there is no industrial activity that contaminates this place. When you have a few days off, visit this village that is so clean.

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