What would your perfect winter afternoon be like?

Spanish B2 writing exercise

¿Cómo sería tu tarde de invierno perfecta?

Asunción tells us about her ideal winter afternoon. In this exercise you'll practise the position of adjectives, subordinate time clauses with "mientras" and "después de"; and the conjunction "al".

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "cabin (house)", "fireplace" and "to stop".

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My perfect winter afternoon would be in a wood cabin in the countryside. I would like it to have a fireplace (in order) to feel the pleasant warmth while I drink a cup of hot chocolate. When looking out the window, I would watch it rain heavily and I would see my neighbours arrive in their new SUV. When it stopped raining, I would go out for a walk around the house and my boots would get dirty with mud. After having taken this walk, I would return to the city where I would be very relaxed after a wonderful winter afternoon.

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