Verbos regulares (condicional)

Spanish regular verbs in the conditional

The conditional is a tense/mood that is used in Spanish to express that "something would happen". The conditional is quite easy to form and here is the formula:

yo (infinitive)+ía
él / ella / Ud. (infinitive)+ía
nosotros / nosotras  (infinitive)+íamos
vosotros / vosotras  (infinitive)+íais
ellos / ellas / Uds.  (infinitive)+ían

Take a look at these examples:

Yo trabajaría solo de lunes a jueves.
I would work only from Monday to Thursday.

Los chicos invitarían a las chicas a la fiesta.
The boys would invite the girls to the party 

NOTE: Bear in mind that this only applies to regular verbs in the conditional.  If a verb is irregular in the conditional, that means that it is also irregular in the future.

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