The Gate of the Sun

Spanish B1 writing exercise

La Puerta del Sol

Discover why The Gate of the Sun is so popular for New Year's Eve in Spain. In this exercise you'll practise relatives, the position of pronouns, "cuando" followed by El Indicativo and the verb "esperar" followed by El Subjuntivo.

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "square (public place)", "grapes" and "to welcome (greet gladly)".

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The Gate of the Sun is a Spanish square which is located in the centre of Madrid. Many tourists stop there every day and (they) take pictures in front of the square's clock. Every December 31 many people gather there in front of the clock to eat the grapes together at the same time as the chimes sound and (they) welcome the New Year when the last chime ends. I hope that we go this year (in order) to make some wishes and to start the year with joy. It would be a magical feeling!

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