One day on the radio

"Un día en la radio"
Spanish C1 writing exercise

María is looking forward to participating in a radio session.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "well-known" and "to rub shoulders".

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I have signed up for a radio session in which I will learn to speak into the microphone. It is a small workshop in which they will teach me several radio tips and games with which I will become the most skilful and fun presenter of the airwaves. I will not miss a single detail of the technical equipment and I will also do my first interview of a well-known writer from this country. All this will be really productive! And I will not only take advantage of the resources of this wonderful workshop, but also, I will be able to rub shoulders with the best presenters that exist on Mexican radio like Mariano Osorio. Who knows, maybe this experience will help me so that I rethink my studies, and if all goes well, I could study an audiovisual degree in the future.

Clever stuff happening!