Immigration & Citizenship

Topic specific Spanish practice exercises

Moving to another country is a big step, and applying for citizenship involves mastering a lot more than just the language. Take a tour of some of the procedures and processes you may need to face while practising and improving your Spanish skills.

  • I'm a citizen of the world
    writing exercise

    Meet Carmen, a woman who loves languages and international cultures.
  • Living in El Salvador
    writing exercise

    María describes the main documents that are required to live in El Salvador.
  • Military Emergencies Unit
    writing exercise

    Learn about the Military Emergencies Unit in Spain.
  • La Constitución española
    Reading exercise

    Every 6th of December Spain celebrates El Día de la Constitución. This A1 exercise can help you practise prepositions and El Futuro Próximo.
  • Armed Forces
    writing exercise

    Learn about The Spanish Armed Forces
  • I went back home!
    writing exercise

    Mariela just returned to her home country and she is very excited about it.
  • Sahrawi children in Spain
    writing exercise

    Learn about a project that welcomes Sahrawi children in Spain every summer.
  • Ciudadanía española: la experiencia de María Virginia
    Reading exercise

    Listen to María Virginia's experience of applying for Spanish nationality and, in particular, the types of questions that came up in the General Culture exam. This A2 exercise can help you practise El Indefinido, El Imperfecto, and the use and position of the preposition de for descriptions.
  • Mi DNI
    Reading exercise

    Learn about the Spanish National Identification document, an ID card that's as important as a passport for Spanish people. This A2 exercise can help you practise el Indefinido and Ser vs Estar.
  • Galicians
    writing exercise

    Santiago tells us about how the Galicians emigrated to Argentina.
  • Reverse culture shock
    writing exercise

    Irene tells us about her experience of being back home after having lived abroad for many years.
  • La ley de nietos
    Reading exercise

    Read about a new path to Spanish citizenship called La Ley de la Memoria Democrática, popularly referred to as La Ley de Nietos. This reading and listening exercise can help you practise la pasiva refleja, El Futuro Simple, and the gender of Spanish nouns with specific endings.
  • Organización territorial de España
    Reading exercise

    Learn some geographical statistics about Spain as well as how it is divided and organised administratively. This B2 exercise can help you practise past tenses generally, idiomatic expressions and gerunds.
  • Emigration
    writing exercise

    Roman tells us why he is emigrating and where to.
  • Life on the other side of the world - Australia
    writing exercise

    Meet Alejandra, a Spanish expat living in Australia.
  • Migration in Spain
    writing exercise

    Lucia tells us about the phenomenon that is Spain's history of migration.
  • My best friend Mohammed
    writing exercise

    Isabel tells us about her best friend Mohammed.
  • La monarquía española
    Reading exercise

    Learn about the current Spanish monarchy and its recent history. This reading and listening exercise can help you practise the passive se with modal verbs deber/poder, relative pronouns, using the infinitive after prepositions, and how to use Roman numerals in Spanish.
  • Un nuevo hogar en España
    Reading exercise

    B2 Spanish interactive reading article
  • Mexicans in the USA
    writing exercise

    Amelia is impressed by Mexican culture and cuisine in the USA.
  • La Constitución española de 1978
    Reading exercise

    Learn about how the Spanish Constitution was established in 1978 following the transition to democracy after years of dictatorship. This C1 exercise can help you practise legal vocabulary, relative pronouns and passive forms.
  • La nacionalidad española por residencia
    Reading exercise

    Discover how long you need to be resident in Spain before you can apply for Spanish nationality. This reading and listening exercise can help you practise the different uses of the verb quedar, llevar with past participle, llevar with present participle, and the construction al + infinitive.
  • Alquilo mi piso en Sevilla (A2)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Marcos is renting his apartment in Seville. Practise direct object pronouns: lo, la, los, las. Pay attention to the hints!

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